Welcome and thank you for visiting my website! My name is Miriam Vleugels. I am a (visual) artist, active in arts for more than 10 years. In addition to organizing and taking part in art events, I create paintings, both commissioned and autonomous (free work). I paint for individual clients, companies, organizations, institutions, events and art projects.

In my studio I listen to the voice of my feelings, I follow my heart, I paint and I thoroughly enjoy the whole process. This is how I convey a message to each piece of art. A personal message that corresponds to the feelings of the client - or rather: the receiver of the painting.

I cordially invite you to explore my art website. Visit the online art gallary or read about all the activities and events. Learn how I can help you, your organization or event and what my work method is.This art website is nothing more than a digital impression, so ... in case you would like more information about my paintings or my work and activities, please contact me.

Hopefully we will meet soon!

'Call it inspiration, that is how they call it most of the time.

And isn’t it just that: the injected breath of the spirit.'

Mathilde Santing -