Create the right mood in the office, at home or during an event

You have probably experienced it. You find yourself in some place and you are struck by the beauty of artwork on the wall. A painting or a collection of paintings. The image is complete, warming, balanced and exudes the right atmosphere. In fact, you have been looking for the right filling of your own interior or working space for a long time. You get inspired, you hang paintings, but somehow you do not succeed in creating that special feeling or bringing that great atmosphere in.

Art advice

Art advice or consulting is possible for companies and for private clients. I will help you create the right identity for your house, office, an arty event, your consultation room or entrance hall. Together we create a pleasant, inspiring (working) environment that will give people something to talk about, because a good painting is tempting!

Harmony by hearing, seeing and feeling

For a good advice, I will listen to your wishes. What atmosphere are you aiming for? I take a look at the environment, for starters. How can paintings reinforce each other and the space they are in? How do you create harmony? What size is best suited? What's more, the energy I feel in the involved space will be included in my advice. Together, we will reach the filling and harmony you are looking for!

Would you like to learn more or do you want to make an appointment? Please call or email me!